Aurore – Azzuro

The variegated streaks and delicate shadings of aventurine dissolve into soft and sophisticated surfaces that express their link with nature, the depths of matter and the lightness of colours. Aurore embodies a creative path that originates in the tradition of the muses and is reinterpreted in a composition of contemporary taste. 32 tones rich in the infinite vibrations set into motion by the particular streaks that characterise these chips, granting a particular sophistication and texture to the mosaic. The translucent particles of aventurine quartz in the glass mixture reflect light and colours with a gold and sparkling effect.

Glass and adventurine mosaic (except for “Auroro” and “Aurargento” colors, for glass only) comprising bevelled square chips 4 mm thick, in size 20×20 mm and 20x30mm, mounted on fiberglass to form a sheet of 327×327 mm in which the chips are about 2 mm apart.

Available Sizes:

  • 13″ x 13″
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